Thursday, 6 April 2017

Citizen science meets stock and operational management become as one.

Brief overview of Remote Electronic Monitoring, how it works and stakeholder perspectives. Remote monitoring should be seen as an investment rather than a cost.

It is difficult to manage anything if you don't measure/monitor it. REM provides a comprehensive and low cost approach to monitoring fisheries.  This video promotes a real-world solution where fishermen themselves - given that, collectively they are being best placed to provide data - can provide full catch accountability, real-time data and a "daily fish forecast".  As valid as data collected from fisheries research vessels is it cannot compare to the sum total of data received in real time by the entire fleet. Today's processing and comms technology (which even a smartphone is capable of handling) available today means we have moved on well beyond the point of relying on a handful of research vessels with limited time and spatial resources subject to ever-reducing funding support.

Most of the industry has already shown the integrity with which it embraced change to fishing habits and gear modification to show effective at management of stocks - as recent figures from ICES on NS and other NE Atlantic stocks indicates.

Thanks to @Mogens_Schou for the heads up on this.