Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Fishing Future from Costing the Earth

Listen in to BBC Radio 4's Tom Heath as he did the rounds of the UK to put together a range of views from fishermen north and south of the border

The British fishing industry suffered decades of sharp decline during our membership of the European Union. The European Common Fisheries Policy has long been regarded by many as a disaster, both for fishermen and for fish stocks. So will Brexit bring a bright new dawn? Will fishing boats from other nations be forced from our waters, could new 200 mile limits provide our fleet with copious fish to catch? Or will our Brexit negotiators focus on maintaining markets for big businesses like finance and the car industry, offering our fish stocks as sacrificial prawns?

Tom Heap visits fishing communities in Peterhead, Hastings and Brixham to gauge the mood and meets the conservationists hoping that new measures could revive our fish stocks.

Plenty of food for thought from some of the comments - crucially over the ability of UK ministers to negotiate quota shares on stocks already at MSY.  We will be waiting with baited breath!