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AIS & Webcam

Live Newlyn webcam

Our live webcam overlooks Newlyn Harbour and Mounts Bay.

The livestreaming service is supplied courtesy of Newlyn Fishing, Camsecure and South West Digital who cater for a wide variety of web and home based digital content from satellite TV aerial installation to web based CCTV - especially useful for monitoring and safety purposes to protect your home or business.

You can use the AIS below to track boats as they approach or leave Newlyn - never miss a boat coming into the harbour again!

Use the cursor to identify and reveal further information on vessels located by AIS. The map will centre automatically on that vessel. Click on a selected vessel image to reveal further information. Use the "+" and "-" icons to zoom in or out of the chart. The vessels shown are those tracked by the receiving station in Penzance Do you run a hotel or restaurant overlooking a busy shipping area?

Email for more details.

Our Breton cousins now have a webcam looking out over the Pointe de Raz towards Ile de Seine. Fishing vessels heading to and fro' the major ports of St Guénolé, Loctudy, Guilvinec, Lorient and Concarneau pass through the Raz de Seine. At certain times you will see a handful of inshore boats handlining for bass in the heavy tide race - sometimes in heavy seas after a storm has passed through.