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Fishing Boats/Gear for Sale

Fishing Boats and Gear for Sale

If you need to check vessel registration details use the official MMO data - updated monthly:

Boat for Sale

Kendore FH258



Fibreglass Length: 9.91m

Beam: 3.50m

Draft: 1.60m


111kw 7.06 ton, uncapped, EU licence


Doosan LO66TIH 2010 DI gearbox 2.86:1


Morris winch 1.5 ton Net drum Gilson winch P bracket pot hauler not fitted





Olex with AIS


2 x VHF

VHF spliter

Nemo VMS

AP 35 autopilot

Additional Information:

Boat has had major refurbishment and modernisation 


New wheelhouse and rewired

Roof raised 12inches for screens 
New galley including sink, 40l water tank, stainless water boiler, 24 volt, oven and diesel heater with table and corner seat.

90% of the steel has been replaced for 316 stainless including gantry, winch beds, railings, mast, gunwale capping, exhaust and silencer, air vents, bow post, seat pedestal, etc

All Pipe work replaced for ISO pipe with superclamps

Both banks of batteries recently replaced

New deck wash with clutch

New LED lighting throughout

Very economical boat approx 10-15 litres per hour towing at 1800 rpm

Top weight has been reduced by over 1 ton to give good stability and freeboard and has recent stability report

Winch can easily be removed for netting/potting 
Net hauler also available

Vat 0-rated

Possible part exchange for over 10m trawler up to 16.5m, with or without license

Boat for Sale

 "Undoubtedly the finest under 10m trawler produced by a UK yard"

Harvest Reaper was built in 1988 for top Newlyn inshore skipper Bob Yeo to incorporate his ideas on how to get the most out of an under 10m boat. She was built by Abels in Bristol who had a reputation both for solid construction and innovative design. Their partnership created a roomy multi-purpose vessel capable of both stern and beam trawling.

For Sale

.....Mackerel gurdy - new design.....

Gurdy Combo 
No dangerous hooks spread across decks, fish one side, no overhanging outriggers giving more deck space and freedom to move. Revolving rollers with stainless steel bearings. Strong clamping system with rubber-based protective gaskets helping to reduce damage especially to fibreglass gunnels, the clamps pivot 23ยบ ensuring no damage to gunnel resulting in a more secure fastening with locking nuts. The 4" revolving wide handle makes approximately 2 turns per fathom.

Rear end stanchion to gurdy taking strain off gunnels, this unit fishes 6–20+ hooks with tangle free system. All open ends are rubber sealed resulting in less damage to hands etc.

Innovative line transporter keeps the working deck clear of  hooks.
Unit can be supplied as just gurdie / gurdie and wheel / complete system.

Complete system £495.00 with free local delivery.

For further information email or phone Terry on 07594483352