Saturday, 8 April 2017

As a small-scale fisherman, the EMFF supports you throughout your professional life. It also supports your fishing community in its development. It can help you to train yourself or your partner, or hire a trainee.

It can help you to invest in your first new boat, in new fishing gear, in new engines or in on-board equipment. It can also help you to improve your fishing practices, add value to your catch or diversify your economic activities.

If you are using a fishing vessel less than 12 m long and with no towed gear, you can, under certain conditions, benefit from preferential access and higher rates of public support: up to 30 percentage points more in most cases, and up to 35 percentage points more in the EU’s outermost regions and the remote Greek or Croatian islands.
This leaflet lists all the options available under the EMFF. However, since measures are financed jointly by the EU and the Member States, it is up to each Member State to decide which of these options to open up. I encourage you to get in touch with your national EMFF managing authority to find out more.


Not all the above measures are available in all Member States, and the specific conditions of implementation of the EMFF vary from country to country (and even from region to region in the same country).

Contact the EMFF Managing Authority of your home country to find out when and for which forms of support you can apply.