Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Are you having any problems exporting fish to the EU?


There seems to be some issues creating problems for exporters of fish that means consignments aren't even getting to go across the channel. This post is to allow exporters to comment and share experiences. I’m hoping by sharing the problems individuals are having you can help isolate issues that may just be one offs rather than actual systems issues and share best practice for work arounds until the Government find a fix.

Some of the issues are around incorrect codes on the export database. For instance, plaice has/had the incorrect applied.

The website lacks any specific information so for the moment it is a case of having to help ourselves. Please add your thoughts or identify problems or solutions in the comments box below - especially if you have found workaround for problems that may then help others. 

What you’ll need Once the service is available, to create a UK catch certificate, you’ll need: 
  • a Government Gateway user ID and password
  • the company name and address of the exporter
  • the name of the person responsible for the exporter
  • the species (or Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) code)
  • it’s state and it’s presentation
  • the names or Port Letters and Numbers (PLNs) of the vessels that caught the species
  • the landing dates for each species
  • the export weights of each product
  • to specify whose waters the species were caught in - the FAO area
  • transport details for how the export will leave the UK and where it will leave from
  • the identification numbers of the containers used to export the product (if applicable)

For issues related to Catch Certificates please contact this number


  1. Seems there are issues even when the fish gets to France

  2. More here:

  3. Let me see.... A high percentage of the paperwork issues comes from wrong commodity codes...but yet, neither Seafood Scotland, Seafish or Marine Scotland have put together a list that industry could use..and it is not for the lack of asking


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