Wednesday, 30 December 2020

The 'Fish Export Service' is now available for fish and seafood exporters.


Fish exporters prepare now for 1 January 2021

Marine Management Organisation

The Fish Export Service (FES) is now live following successful completion of the trial and learn period. The system can now be used by fish and seafood exporters to create the validated documents they will require to continue exporting or to land directly into an EU port. This includes:

  • Catch Certificates 
  • Processing Statement 
  • Storage Document 

Other related documents, such as Prior Notifications and Pre-Landing Declarations, are available online.

The new digital service is supported by a dedicated exports helpline, 0330 159 1989, which is available 24/7 with a team of expert advisers on hand to provide technical guidance and answer questions on the export process. Seafood exporters and fishers who intend to land catch in non-UK ports should register for FES, or sign-in, via this link.

For more information please see our ‘one stop shop’ and our virtual workshop FAQ available online here.