Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Choosing a location for Newlyn FISH Centre - What's your view?


Newlyn Fishing, Industry and Seafarers Heritage (FISH) Trust is a newly registered charity (no.1188966), with the objective:

 “To advance the education of the public in the history, culture and heritage of Newlyn, Cornwall, in particular but not exclusively through the provision of exhibitions, lectures, workshops, traditional crafts demonstrations and other events.” 

Our ambition is to create a place, provisionally named Newlyn FISH Centre, where the important and fascinating story of Newlyn’s past, present and future can be told. As well as a must-see destination for visitors, we want the FISH Centre to be a welcome hub for local people, including those who have worked or are still involved in the fishing industry.

As well as having architects assess the suitability of the various sites as locations, we also want to test wider opinion. Please contribute your view by taking part in this short survey.

Potential Locations for Newlyn FISH Centre:

We are currently considering three possible locations for Newlyn FISH Centre, two historic buildings and a potential site for a newly built facility.

1. Former Ice Works 
2. Island Stores 
3. New build within vicinity of Harbour

In addition, two other structures/sites have been identified as potentially forming part of the Newlyn FISH Centre experience.

4. Newlyn Old Quay 
5. Ocean Pride Restoration Project at Sandy Cove

Site 1 - Former Ice Works This tall, imposing building, dominating views across Newlyn harbour, is located opposite the fish market, on what was originally the waterfront before the construction of the present road known as The Strand. Built in 1907, the Former Ice Works’ granite and brick structure incorporates remains of the earlier quay wall and a previous building (an iron foundry) visible in late 19th century photographs. It continued to supply Newlyn’s fishing fleet until 2005/6, when it was replaced by a modern flake-ice works. In 2017 the Former Ice Works was designated a Listed Building, owing to its architectural and historic importance.

Site 2 – Island Stores A substantial, three-storey, detached granite building, forms an ‘island’ (hence its name) within the tight-knit streetscape of Fradgan, within Street-an-Nowan. It is located just back from the historic waterfront, behind Gwavas Quay, a short walking distance from and just within sight of the Former Ice Works. A late 19th century warehouse for storing fishing gear and other equipment, it replaced a group of earlier buildings on the same site.

Site 3 - New build within vicinity of Newlyn Harbour Although a development site has yet to be identified, there may be potential for a new, purpose-built facility within the vicinity of Newlyn Harbour.

Site 4 – Newlyn Old Quay Dating from before 1435, with various later alterations, this curved quay of massive granite rubble construction encloses Newlyn’s original medieval harbour. A Listed Building, owing to its historic importance, Old Quay could accommodate a fleet of traditional fishing vessels, like the Cornish Maritime Trust lugger (Barnabas) already moored there.

Site 5 – Ocean Pride Restoration Project at Sandy Cove The Ocean Pride (PZ134) is the only Newlyn-built counter-stern lugger left in the country. An iconic fishing vessel, built at Peakes Yard in 1919, she has been owned and skippered by several well-known families from Mousehole and Newlyn. Under tarpaulin at Sandy Cove, to the south of the harbour, the Ocean Pride Restoration Project is seeking to return her to her former glory. It may be mutually beneficial to link this project with Newlyn FISH Centre. Question Title

Site location plan for five possible sites:

Site plan of Newlyn with the 5 sites highlighted. Images associated with each of the sites appear alongside.

If you have any thoughts or ideas please complete the short survey linked below to help guide those involved in these early days!

How to contact the FISH Trust:

By letter: Newlyn FISH Trust, 35 Fore Street, Newlyn TR18 5JP
By email:
By phone: 01736 369176