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Gry Maritha
Gry Maritha
Cargo Ship
Moored: 29.09.20
James R H Pz78
James R H Pz78
Fishing Boat
Moored: 28.09.20
Fv Resurgam Pz 1001
Fv Resurgam Pz 1001
Fishing Boat
Moored: 12.09.20
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Where can I buy fresh fish? - here's where!

Here are the best places to source your fish online, some locally, some nationally - there's sure to be a supply of fresh UK fish being sold somewhere near you!
Fresh fish sales across the UK from Fish on Friday
Fresh fish either delivered or available in your area - mainly the South west from Plymouth initiative, Call4Fish.
Fresh fish from all over Cornwall - from the Cornwall Good Seafood Guide - many fish supplied direct from the fishermen!
If you need to know more any of these organisations are only to willing to help - if you want to be included or just want to know where to buy fresh fish near you!

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Your safety first - Calling all skippers and boat owners!

Stay safe and never let any safety equipment go out of date again!

Simply add your vessel to the online Safetyfolder and join today!  Follow the step-by-step guide to see how to do it online.

By adding your vessel, the site will keep an eye on your equipment expiry dates for you, notifying you when things need replacing.

Below are the most up-to-date links needed to maintain vessel and crew safety and well-being.

Work in fishing convention (ILO 188)

The International Labour Organization’s work in fishing convention (ILO 188) came into force internationally on 16 November 2017. The UK government made legislation to implement ILO 188 in November 2018, and will ratify in January 2019.
ILO 188 entitles all fishermen to written terms and conditions of employment (a fisherman’s work agreement), decent accommodation and food, medical care, regulated working time, repatriation, social protection and health and safety on board. It also provides minimum standards relating to recruitment and placement and includes a mandatory requirement to have a certificate of medical fitness to work onboard a fishing vessel.

Who it applies to

ILO 188 applies to all fishermen working on fishing vessels of any size, with more prescriptive standards for vessels over 24m in length or operating on longer voyages, three days or more.

Model fisherman’s work agreements

The latest version of MCA’s model fishermen work agreements can be found here. We are continuing to work with industry to improve these agreements. If you have any comments please e-mail You are not required to use these models, but each work agreement must contain certain minimum information - see MGN 583(F) ILO work in fishing convention, fishermans work agreements.

ILO 188 statutory instruments

SI2018/1106 The Merchant Shipping (Work in Fishing Convention) Regulations
SI2018/1107 The Merchant Shipping (Work in Fishing Convention) (Survey and Certification) Regulations
SI2018/1108 The Merchant Shipping (Work in Fishing Convention) (Medical Certification) Regulations
SI2018/1109 The Merchant Shipping (Work in Fishing Convention) (Consequential Provisions) Regulations.

ILO 188 phase in periods

Different parts of legislation will be phased in as outlined.


  1. MIN 575 ILO work in fishing convention medical certification grandfather rights
  2. MGN 583 ILO work in fishing convention, fishermans work agreements
  3. MGN 584 work in fishing convention repatriation
  4. MGN 585 ILO work in fishing convention payment of fishermen
  5. MGN 586 ILO work in fishing convention medical care
  6. MGN 588 ILO work in fishing convention health and safety PFDs
  7. MGN 589 ILO work in fishing convention complaints
  8. MGN 596 - Fishing safety: Helping to improve safety - Fishing Vessels
  9. MGN 605 (F) ILO Work in fishing convention phase in period
  10. MSN 1882 ILO work in fishing convention minimum age
  11. MSN 1883 ILO work in fishing convention medical examination and certification
  12. MSN 1884 ILO work in fishing convention working time
  13. MSN 1885 ILO work in fishing convention survey and inspection
  14. MSN 1886 MLC and ILO 188 medical standards
  15. MSN 1891 ILO work in fishing convention list of crew