Saturday, 15 June 2019

Take advantage of a free health check for fishermen in your port this coming week!

Calling all fishermen (and ex-fishermen) - why not take advantage of a free health check, literally down the quay? Yesterday saw the Healthy Cornwall team run the first of a series of fishermen's health checks in the harbour office - right next to the fish market!

Fishermen in Cornwall are being encouraged to know the important numbers relating to their health with help from a Healthy Cornwall check-up service from Cornwall Council.
The Men’s Health Forum campaign to “know your numbers” focusses on specific numbers all men should be aware of that relate to their overall health and wellbeing.
Cornwall Council public health consultant Ruth Goldstein said: “It can be especially difficult for fishermen to keep track of their health as they often work long hours and are dependent on tide times so may not be able to access normal health services.
“They are also more likely to keep any health worries to themselves and find it difficult to find the time to visit the doctor on top of all the other pressures on their time.”
The outreach sessions will take place at different ports, with a range of support services on offer, from physiotherapy to NHS health checks, MacMillan skin cancer advice and advice from the Fishermen’s Mission.
Dates for the diary are:
  • Friday 14 June – Fisherman’s Shack, Newlyn
  • Monday 17 June – Wheelhouse, Mevagissey
  • Tuesday 18June – Memorial Hall, Padstow
  • Wednesday 19 June – Fisherman’s Mission, Newquay
  • Friday 21 June – Fisherman’s Shack, Newlyn
All sessions will take place from 7am until 2pm.
There's many more similar services available across the country - for more info head to the Seafarer's UK website who are the main charity funding the initiative.

Once the blood test (for cholesterol and other heart conditions) has been taken height, weight and blood pressure are also recorded.

The Fishermen's shack in Newlyn is just one of the bases for ever-improving support now in place for the welfare of the industry.

Another service that is currently available for fishermen is the Seafit programme. This service provides support to fishermen and their families in Newlyn, motivating and supporting them to lead a healthier lifestyle.

The Healthy Lifestyle Advice service is available to all fishermen and their families in Newlyn. A drop-in takes place every Tuesday from 7am-12.30pm at the Fisherman’s Shack. There’s no need to book, just turn up. There’s also a drop-in at Harbourside Physiotherapy every Monday from 2pm-6pm.