Saturday, 3 November 2018

Fishing Today on Radio 4 all this week.

Listen to this podcast as Paul Trebilcock, from the Cornish Fish Producer Organisation's and a host of other guest speakers from England, Ireland and Scotland were interviewed by the Radio 4 Farming Today programme all this week.

Just a thought, maybe the BBC could re-brand the programme as Fishing and Farming Today and have a regular fishing spot every morning?

"As the sun rises over Newlyn harbour in West Cornwall, Sarah Swadling talks to people at the bustling fish auction about the future of the industry. With Brexit around the corner fishermen, buyers and processors are all expecting big changes to come. The programme tackles the potential impact of Brexit on quotas and trade with the EU, recruitment difficulties in fishing and processing and how to tempt more British people to eat more British fish."

Presented by Sarah Swadling. Produced by Heather Simons.