Thursday, 18 October 2018

Anchovy - an exceptional year - in Brittany!

Looks like our Breton cousins are having a good anchovy season!

Yestarday's, Ouest France - a daily paper for the Brittany region of France ran this story:

Special port in Bolinche, Saint-Guénolé-Penmarc'h (Finistère) benefits this year of strong contributions in anchovies. 2018 is the year of records: 2,300 tons were fished.

Yann Raphalen, director of the auction in St. Guénolé-Penmarc'h

"An exceptional year. " Yann Raphalen, director of the auction in St. Guénolé-Penmarc'h (Finistère) since 2015, sets 2018 as regards the supply of anchovies. The record of 2017 (1,620 tons) has been largely beaten compared to 2,300 tons this year! And it's not over…

Higher selling price:

"Purse seining", because of its uncertain side, remains difficult to manage at auction level. "It's the charm of the job! ". Especially since 70% of the Penmarch's area's activity is linked to this fishery. This year, a fleet of 21 seiners worked, because of the fishing areas, between Douarnenez, in August in particular and the Bigoudène auction.

Depending on the weather conditions, the anchovy could still make exceptional landings by October 20th, the end date of quota renewals. "Good volumes but also a fish of good size, sometimes representing less than 35 pieces per kilo. And therefore a higher selling price, " says Yann Raphalen.

More complicated sardine:

Anchovy has given good results to the port of Saint-Guénolé. Because, until the end of July, as in the surrounding ports, the landings of other species was not impressive. On the langoustine side, 2018 does not follow in the footsteps of the previous years. In sardine, the figures for July and August are well below the usual intake: "We were at 400 tons last August, and 800 that same month in 2017," points Yann Raphalen. No reduction, given the 95-ton landing on Tuesday, October 9 ... "Depending on weather conditions, it's far from over. "

In both coastal and coastal fishing, Saint-Guénolé is a stronghold in terms of added value. "We should find a balance in the number of boats," says the director of the auction. Take the example of the Commodore, which now sells in Saint-Gué, but also three units of the Le Brun company present this summer.

New software project:

A cold room of 1000 m2, room for coastal fishing, storage hall for bolincheurs ... With its computerized sales system and its amphitheater, Saint-Guénolé was classified as "the most modern auction of Europe" in 1987.

"We always use this tool , continues Yann Raphalen. Today, it should be updated in relation to other sites. " Looking ahead to the bid which, Penmarch'aise specificity, is down. "It's penalizing certain high-value products, such as turbot, for example. "

As part of the standardization of sales, a new software project is being studied since this year, in connection with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Brittany West (CCIMBO). implementation of the landing obligations by the vessels, should lead to a change in the auction organisation.

A director from the field

Director of the fish auction of Saint-Guénolé since 2015, Yann Raphalen is at the head of a team of 15 employees on permanent contracts, to which are added four temporary workers because of the contributions of blue fish. After holding many positions in this auction, he succeeded, as director, Fañch Dorval, retired.