Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Live longer, live healthier - eat Cornish sardines!

Cornish sardines being landed at night in Newlyn

Yes they do!

Listen to what the man has to say!

Dan Saladino meets the runners convinced low or no carbs is the way to peak performance.

If the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme says one of the three most nutritious foods in the world is sardines than you better believe it! But then the people of Cornwall, brought up on a diet of Cornish sardines (nee pilchards) have always known that - it's why the county rugby team has triumphed on so many occasions and why Helen Glover, Julie Kitchen, Jack Nowell and other Newlyn sporting talents excel on the international stage!

Rich in Omega III, sardines are the finest oily fish you can eat - during the sardine season a fleet of Cornish boats sets out every night of the week to see that the nation's supplies of this most healthy of fish are available in the shops the very next day - ideal grilled for breakfast, soused for summer salads or griddled on the BBQ!