Thursday, 6 July 2017

Cutting edge fishing managment technology developed in the middle of nowhere - why can't we do the same?!!

To improve traceability and prevent seafood fraud helps remote and rural fishermen use a simple new app developed with the support of their administrative body - the equivalent of our MMO.

There have been a number of initiatives under development in the UK - notably iCatch developed privately to make shellfish returns - to which, so far, the MMO has seemed reluctant to help move forward and adopt - the app makes the task of making monthly shellfish returns a cinch - a few minutes on your mobile and it is job done - fuss free and efficient.

Let's hope the sight of a fishing industry in a far-fling part of the globe and about as remote as you can get from the ground-breaking hi-tech world we all live in shames the powers-that-be in this country into showing a willingness to work with the industry when it has come up with a blindingly & obviously excellent solution!