Thursday, 6 July 2017

Caterpillar Marine - Polarcus Naila - SSV - Operating a 19,685 feet Long Vessel

Bound for Ijmuiden, Sistership Polarcus Adira to the Polarcus Naila spent 24 hours in Falmouth last year while she had a dive team inspect her anodes and hull - the water in Ijmuiden is too dirty to complete such a task...

The boat has two working decks aft

many fishermen from aorund the UK have taken jobs aboard similar vessels where they are valued for their understanding of the severe stresses and strains that working gear..

lower working deck
the acoustic 'guns' have replaced explosives
on this scale can have on handling and deploying gear on this scale - the 'array' as it is known is spread by a giant set of doors similar but much larger than the huge pelagic doors employed by mid-water trawlers fishing for mackerel, herring, scad and blue whiting.

Although the video below is a promo for caterpillar engines it gives a good account of the workings of a modern seismic survey vessel that uses compressed air to fire the acoustic 'guns' that in turn create the survey data...

The data is processed aboard the boat first hand before being sent ashore via satellite...

The main array warps are Dyneema - these are the spares with a life expectancy of 3 years carried on the top deck - at roughly £250,000 a reel it is not diffucult to see why these boats cost aroiund £200,000 a day to hire!

The Polarcus Naila, is almost 20,000 feet long including her arrays. That makes her one long ship as she’s moving across the oceans with zero downtime. And with an operating cost of 200,000 dollars a day, this vessel can’t afford to stop moving.

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