Monday, 22 June 2015

Straight from the wheelhouse!

Crystal Sea heading for the gaps in Newlyn in a Force 9 NW gale.

When David Stevens, skipper/owner of the trawler Crystal Sea II writes the occasional blog post he always goes out of his way to look ahead and be positive about the industry despite there being so many day-to-day issues that contrive to make his fishing business seem a constant battle - not only with the more elemental aspects of the job, like the weather, tides, crew, boat mechanics and trawl gear to name but a few but also the very real constraints of quotas and legislation that together with pressure from NGOs and others seemingly determined to scrutinise his every minute at sea as if he was hell-bent on depriving the North East Atlantic of every fish that swims!

His latest and timely post picks up on the content of some very real good news stories that are having a real impact on opportunities for local boat owners, skippers and crews and the shore workers who directly or indirectly benefit from the trade wrought by those who pass in and out Through the Gaps to make a living from the sea.

"We are very lucky to fish in this part of the world and it's great to see Cornish produce gaining recognition for its capture and sustainability (MSC Hake), and Cornwall also offers some great eateries and amazing fresh produce.
If there is one thing that stands out for me this year is that the fishing industry is really getting the message out, about how well the stocks have recovered. Also the story of the capture from net to plate is being heard and the great pride we have in bringing in the quality fish we have on our doorstep, and the huge part fisherman play in the management of the fishery."

Read David's full post here

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