Wednesday, 10 June 2020

Top Government advice - eat deep-fried battered Dover sole!

Sometimes you just wonder which planet people live on.

Spotted yesterday in the Guardian (and no doubt in other broadsheets) in a woke world. 

On the back of the fantastically successful campaign encouraging people to go out and source locally caught fish or buy fresh fish online (mostly organised by motivated people in the industry) the the Government paid for this article: 

Every day is like Friday: Why it's time to eat more hake, monkfish and mackerel

which is laudable enough until you read this...

where we are being sold the idea of deep frying Dover sole - DOVER SOLE!!  FFS pound for pound Dovers are often the most expensive fish on a fish counter (in London you would probably pay from £28-£38 per kilo) they have a unique and delicate sweet flavour that is brought out best by careful cooking!

However, if this Covid19 crisis has brought us one thing to celebrate it is the very real increase and interest seen in the consumption of fresh UK caught fish - long may that continue!