Friday, 12 June 2020

Maverick under tow - both Penlee lifeboats busy yet again!

Penlee lifeboat was kept busy yesterday, first providing the final tow into the harbour for the crabber Harriet Eve and then for picking up the pollack handliner Maverick which had suffered fuel supply problems.  The inshore lifeboat ILB Ivor and Mollie Dent was on standby astern of the tow as the two boats entered Newlyn in poor weather.

Maverick was 50 Miles off and heading home when her main engine cut out. Skipper Dave Smith changed filters and bled system and made a few more miles before same thing happened again. After the 3rd time this happened just 5 miles from Newlyn he decided to call the coastguard in case it happened coming in through the gaps in such scuffly weather.