Saturday, 16 November 2019

Herring used to be the 'King of the Sea'

What happened to our national culture of eating this abundant, nutritious, delicious and affordable, wild resource? Join me aboard the 'Kittiwake' off the Suffolk Heritage Coast, as I catch and cook this most undervalued of British seafood.

Mike Warner heads out to sea and a day fishing for that most iconic of fish, caught by boats small and large from the waters off Cornwall right around the entire coast as far north as Scotland and beyond.

Silver darlings, herring in oatmeal, kippers, bloaters, high-drys, red herrings, Bismarck herring, Matjes herring, the range and variety of ways herring can prepared is boundless! Mike writes passionately about herring and many other inshore fish caught around the UK coast. His new website, A Passion for Seafood, is available with fishy tales and recipes.