Monday, 12 November 2018

CFPO Episode 3 - Brackan

The backbone to sustainable fishing is strong, accurate science. Here at the CFPO we welcome scientists on board our vessels to help build a clearer picture of the health of our fish stocks. Although many fishermen were mistrustful of the work carried out by scientists involved in fisheries research many have now come to see that without accurate data the industry as a whole cannot fight those organisations who seek to curtail their fishing effort in the light of biased data taken from third party agencies. There are over 7000 UK fishing vessels - each one is potentially capable of contributing to a national bank of fishing data - citizen science is the most cost effective and efficient way to empower the industry.

Come and hear once such advocate for citizen science as skipper Brackan along with researcher, 'Spike' Searle aboard the Spirited Lady III both give us a glimpse of life on an over-10m fishing vessel and explain why sustainability and science are so important.

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