Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Secure your future - If you have the facts, you have a case to argue!

Three years ago Magnus Johnson (Senior Lecrurere at Hull University) gave this address to the Scottish White Fish PA.  In it he talks about the impact of planning for prawn fishing in Fladen. In the talk he cites the importance - and explains why - fishermen should be given the means to collect as much data as possible while they are at sea. Listen from 20:15 - what he says then is becoming ever-more important in the run up to full implementation of the LO and then Brexit!

What Magnus says about fishermen collecting data is fast becoming an imperative - with sufficient data collected demonstrating accurate and transparent historical catch data organisations cannot ignore the reality of the situation on the ground - and the closer that gets top real-time data the better.  The world of evidence driven quota and stock management has been growing for years - now fishermen must take the bull by the horns and become pro-active and not reactive. 

Where possible new ways of harnessing and organising the growing access to always online communication with the shore via satellite or local broadband must be developed, modified and adopted by ALL vessels not just to a few individuals left to champion the cause for the benefit of the rest.

Across the Atlantic the very same issue is the subject of this presentation on the New England GroundFish.  This is the way to protect the future of fishing - especially so for inshore grounds and the lives of the vast majority of fishermen working in that sector who are most at risk from a badly negotiated replacement of the CFP.