Thursday, 9 November 2017

Bara Breizh

Photo courtesy of Lionel Flageul
The Bara Breizh ("Breton Bread"), the sixteenth trawler in the history of Bigouden Company (eleven offshore trawlers in Guilvinec) was launched on Thursday 21st at Douarnenez, after a year and a half work at the Gléhen Shipyard.

This 24.90 meter steel vessel built for 3.7 million euros replaces the Bara Heiz. Powered by a Caterpillar 3512 engine of 600 kW, it takes the layout of the last new ship that entered the company , the Bara Ar Vicher, released from the same shipyard in 2012. "The two boats differ on the size of the propeller (2.4m in diameter for the new ship) and by inserting it into a nozzle so as not to modify its draft," explains Christophe Collin, Technical Manager.

The Bara Breizh also has again the ergonomics of the bridge, the integration into the keel of an Ixblue multibeam echosounder and its registration in the first category of navigation (up to 360 miles) to work without any problems with tuna in summer. It will be subject to work in berth and then sea trials before it is scheduled to be operational by mid-November. The crew will consist of seven men on the rota and five men on board.

The Bara Breizh prefigures the future new ship Bigouden Armament (code name: Bara 17) whose Gléhen shipyard starts work for a launch planned in 2019.