Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Brexit - things are not looking so good for our UK fishing industry.

During #PMQs today the Prime Minister re-affirmed the government's intention to remain in the CFP during any transition period...

which then prompted the question as to what or when exactly is the 'transition period'

with some fearful that this may be the answer!

Fishing news have just posted a more in-depth piece on the matter which includes a robust response from the Fishing for Leave camp:

FFL: ‘Fishing must not be included’

FFL said Theresa May’s proposals amounted to seeing the status quo re-badged for an unspecified ‘transitional’ period. “It leaves Britain wide open to being in the same position in two years as now, trapped in purgatory.”

It said that Mr Barnier had made it ‘crystal clear’ that during any transitional period, the UK would still be in the EU in all but name, and would have to have to abide by the acquis (all EU law).

“By appealing for a transitional agreement that is only in the EU’s power to gift, the government has blown itself wide open, instead of being able to walk away under the premise of ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’, said FFL.

“The EU can now demand blind obedience to anything it wants – including a continuation of the CFP and continued access to Britain’s rich fishing grounds.

“Usually, in a negotiation, you only concede for something in return… we have conceded everything to get more of the same! This speech marks the start of Britain’s fishing and coastal communities being sacrificed again.

“No one voted for a transition period. This is just a way to kick the can down the road till the next election.”

FFL claimed the transition proposal showed that the ‘establishment’ wants to negate Brexit at all costs.

“In having to agree to a continuation of all EU law in order to get a transition, areas like fishing will be thrown to the wolves. This will suit those running the federations who never wanted or campaigned for Brexit and are only advocating keeping the status quo.”

FFL claims UK waters will be partitioned into an exclusive 12-mile zone for an under-10m ‘cottage industry/marine park’, to buy off the smaller vessels, appease the green NGOs and spin ‘Brexit means Brexit’. But outside 12 miles it will be ‘business as usual’ under a never-ending transition deal.

“The EU will keep its shares, and quotas will be kept, with a discard ban enforced. Choke species will force out the majority, and family businesses, and continue consolidation into the few hands running the federations.

“It is now vital that the government disproves the above assertion by categorically stating that fishing will not be part of this transitional arrangement,” said FFL.

FFL called on all fishermen to see the reality of what is happening and join its campaign for a clean break with the CFP.

“Fishing for Leave welcomes them to support our campaign for the implementation of replacement policy for all fishermen to prosper, to ensure an unequivocal clean break.

“The assertion that ‘only worry about getting our waters back and worry about policy later’ is playing right into the government’s hands of keeping the status quo, and will see this wonderful opportunity annihilated along with what’s left of the industry.

“We seriously hope that in time we will not be proved correct, as our predecessor FAL was in the 1990s.”

Full story from the Fishing News here: