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Newlyn Fish Market - boats due to land.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Small boats, big seas.

With gale warnings giving 10s and 11s for Plymnouth, Sole, Lundy and Fastnet...

it's no wonder to see a dozen French trawlers east side of the Lizard, a small number are dodging out of the weather close to the land off the Helford while a few hardy types continue fishing right along the six mile limit...

further out to sea, the small coaster Arklow Ranger is battling into huge seas off the Lizard and has been reduced to making around 2knots ever since she cleared the Lizard in the early ours of this morning, she has altered course to make the run north around Land's End more comfortable as the wind hopefully eases...

though at the moment the new Cefas Wavenet weather service webpage is showing 10 and 11 meter high waves right where she is headed!

the weather is so bad that the Sanskip Endeavour has been forced to turn round and seek shelter in Mount's Bay - the skipper having decided that rounding Land's End would be too dangerous for her.