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Gry Maritha
Gry Maritha
Cargo Ship
Moored: 29.09.20
James R H Pz78
James R H Pz78
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Moored: 28.09.20
Fv Resurgam Pz 1001
Fv Resurgam Pz 1001
Fishing Boat
Moored: 12.09.20
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Saturday, 10 January 2015

From gales in Cornwall to storms in Shetland

The current weather systems courtesy of EarthNull show the main protagonist - an area of intense low pressure off the top of Scotland with the wind travelling in an anti-clockwise direction giving the hurricane force south westerly to westerly winds- while, unusually away to the west of the UK deep in the North Atlantic is a small(ish) area of high pressure - a bit of a renegade in meteorological terms as it is normally a huge area of high pressure that creates the 'North Atlantic blocking system' which forces successive lows coming across from the eastern seaboard of the US to travel north east across the ocean - giving the UK its familiar weather pattern of southwesterly - westerly winds that eventually go north west - only to start the cycle all over again as the next low hits arrives on our shores...

average wind speed from the weather buoy 64406 off the top of Scotland at 0700 today...

with the corresponding wave height data...

contrasted with the wind speed from the buoy at the Sevenstones off Land's End, Cornwall... 

looking ahead to the 14th when things don't look so good either!