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Thursday, 5 June 2014

"I'm concerned about the fishing industry. I'm 21 and now my future is uncertain ........"

Drift Net Ban

Responsible department: Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
"I'm concerned about the fishing industry. I'm 21 and now my future is uncertain because of the drift net ban which is coming into force in 2015. 
I have been a drift net fishermen since the age of 16 and drift net fish is one of the lowest impact type of fishing, even the conservationists don't agree with the ban. Because of some, it is unfair that the drift net ban should affect this country because of some dolphins and turtles that are being caught in the Mediterranean sea. Here, we do not get any unwanted by-catches like that.  It is a well known fact that drift netting is very low impact. 
So yes, I'm calling on the Prime Minister and the British people to take a stand and do something about this or all the small drift net fishermen in the UK will be put out of business.  This must be one of the reasons why people voted UKIP because of Brussels controlling our country."

Please take time to sign the petition here:

Read about the proposed ban here:

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From the Sunday Times comes Steve Perham