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Friday 6 June 2014

#FishyFriday - Ajax hake gets the Fish on Friday treatment

"Many people think of hake as a Spanish speciality, but it’s now so plentiful in our waters that it was recently dubbed Britain’s most sustainable fish. So we take our tour west to Newlyn to meet Ajax skipper Alan Dwan, a master at catching it, and serve up some delicious ideas for cooking it by Mitch Tonks, hake ambassador at large."

FishonFriday.org trains its fishy eye on the biggest fish story in the south west this year - the rise of the mighty meaty hake! Local skippers like Alan Dwan on the Ajax, Phil Mitchell on the Govenek of Ladram and Simon Porter on the Sparkling Line have all been instrumental in working with the likes of Cefas to ratify the sustainability of Cornish hake - chefs like Nathan Outlaw and Mitch Tonks have added their support wading in with a range of tasty dishes to experiment with.

Read the full story and check out a range of hake recipes here: