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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Catch shares - a / the way forward?

Check out the thinking here:
A fisheries toolkit:

The Catch Share Design Center team has developed the world’s most comprehensive collection of research-driven materials on improving fisheries management. Browse the website for step-by-step planning manuals, reports on various fisheries and interactive learning tools. Visit the toolkit section to download all of our research and planning materials.

The Toolkit - Catch share design manuals:

Whether you’re a manager, a fisherman, practitioner or any other fishery stakeholder, our catch share design manuals and supplemental guides will help chart your path to a more sustainable and profitable fishery. Our publications highlight how good catch share design and accompanying tools can address existing challenges and maximize potential benefits. Most importantly, these tools are not prescriptive; rather they offer a series of questions whose answers help guide and inform the catch share design process. 

EDFish is the voice of ocean experts at EDF who focus on improving the practice and business of fishing and innovate for healthy oceans. - 

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