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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Fishing Into the Future - conference

Fishing Into the Future will enable the exchange of new knowledge and ideas between active fishers, fisheries scientists, fisheries managers and supply chain experts. 

Strong local, regional and national partnerships between all fishing industry stakeholders can provide a solid foundation for sustainability and marketing efforts that will help ensure viable fishing communities and plentiful fish stocks in UK waters for future generations. 

The workshop programme has been initiated by The Prince’s International Sustainability Unit in collaboration with Seafish. The agenda for Fishing Into the Future has been carefully designed by a Steering Group comprising fourteen fishermen and other fishing industry stakeholders. Through a participatory agenda the workshop will seek to answer a few critical questions. 

To find out more information about the workshop please click here

Fishing Into the Future will include presentations, demonstrations, discussion groups and an active social programme. The workshop offers the opportunity for fishermen and their partners from all over the UK to meet, network and share their stories and experiences. 

awlemme seFishing Into the Future’s 1st National Workshop will take place at the Berryhead Hotel in Brixham from Sunday 14th to Tuesday 16th July. 

The deadline for applications has now passed. If you are interested in attending the workshop please contact Laura Partridge.