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Tuesday, 21 May 2013

CFP Reform Final Deal?

Aaron Mcloughlin has started a discussion: CFP Reform Final Deal?

"The reform of the CFP is coming into the closing straight. The Irish Presidency wants to have a deal by the end of the month. If one does not happen they'll let the Lithuanians work on the deal. The Irish want the bigger prize of CAP reform. But, if it gets delayed the momentum for reform will be shunted, and the Baltic nation may not be too keen to secure a reform. There is not a huge amount that divides the European Parliament and the Fishing Ministers. The EP who surprised everyone by taking a very ambitious position on a ban on discards & MSY (amongst other things) has pushed the Council further than many thought it capable of going. TFCs fell by the wayside, although their success in Denmark and Estonia has grown the appetite of many nations to bring in modern property rights to this sector of the economy. In 10 days or so we'll know if a deal is secured. The Norwegians will find it hard to believe that the EU copied them so much. 

I'll provide a link to the final deal when it is announced. Aaron"