Thursday, 12 May 2022

Vessels of the Future Workshop


FIS hosted a ‘Vessels of the Future’ workshop in Glasgow, where we explored energy efficient measures relevant to Scottish fishing vessels. Participants from Scotland, the UK and as far afield as Norway and Canada came together to share their knowledge and experience, and discuss what alternative fuels, engines, designs, or other innovations are realistic in a Scottish context.

This workshop was a valuable first step towards ensuring the fishing industry’s perspective is included in wider discussions around reducing vessel emissions in the maritime sector. FIS believes that innovation is key to releasing untapped potential for greater prosperity and sustainability in Scotland’s seafood industry, and this workshop generated many ideas and discussions about innovative adaptations that are possible now or which might be possible in the near future.

The event built momentum and enthusiasm towards addressing the challenge of transforming the fishing industry to meet the low-carbon expectations of the modern world. Read the full workshop report below, which summarises the key points of discussion and next steps for the industry.