Thursday, 3 March 2022

Port record well and truly smashed!

This morning the port's biggest boat, the beam trawler Enterprise smashed her own port record - set just a few weeks ago - by £23,000!

Landing yesterday afternoon, the skipper, Julian 'Juicemeister' James sent 187 boxes of Dover soles and 270 boxes of other fish up the quay to the market for this morning's market to make £108,400!

To find the first beam trawl record you need to go back to 1976 when a young beam trawler skipper by the name of David Hooper set the then port record with a landing £13,999 aboard the Elizabeth Anne Webster - which, using the Bank of England's inflation calculator, would be the equivalent of £107,000. So you could argue that he just broke the record by £1,400!

Nice work guys.

PS. In 1986 the Aaltje Adriante skippered by Peter Neale grossed £49,256 - which, allowing for inflation, would be the equivalent of £153,575 - which means, it seems, the Juicemeister and the Enterprise have some way to go!