Tuesday, 8 March 2022

CatchApp and I-VMS update - Industry update on suspension of MS44 IVMS device.

Two stories on the draconian degree of regulation currently being forced on the small, largely singlehanded, inshore fishing fleet in England.

Radio 4's Farming Today tan a story about the appeal against to the MMO to delay the introduction of CatchApp and its modification to be fit for purpose.

Next up, an announcement from the MMO regarding the recent introduction of I-VMS on the English fleet of Under 12m vessels -may of whom are worked singlehanded from remote harbours, beaches and coves.


The suspension of the MS44 IVMS device, supplied by Maritime Systems has been lifted.

The MMO can confirm that following further engagement with Maritime Systems Ltd the suspension of their MS44 IVMS device has been lifted.

Concerns had been raised about the Maritime Systems Ltd MS44 device being offered not meeting the specification criteria outlined under the original type-approval programme. In addition, that further devices being marketed by Maritime System Ltd differed to the device approved under the IVMS type approval programme.

So that the MMO could provide individuals with the reassurance needed to move forward with installation, type approval of the MS44 device was suspended to allow additional supporting information to be gathered. The MMO would like to thank industry for their patience while this review was undertaken.

During the review, which has now concluded, evidence provided has confirmed that although there have been changes to the mounting and tamper proof seal of the MS44 device it continues to meet the required specification criteria, including 4G functionality. As a result of the review, the device remains one of the approved IVMS devices available for purchase.

The MMO has also confirmed with Maritime System Ltd that additional devices that have not been type approved, cannot be marketed and the MS44 device remains the only device offered by Maritime Systems Ltd that is approved under the IVMS type approval programme.

The MMO continues to advise individuals to check that any devices being supplied to them are type approved devices prior to installation.

The MMO has also extended the deadline for Tranche 1 (vessels 10m to 11.9m in length) device installation by 7 weeks to May 16 2022 and grant claim window to June 17 2022 to align with the Tranche 2 deadline.

The MMO would also remind individuals to submit the required documentation, including invoice and payment details, within their application for grant funding. This will avoid delays in processing and issuing payment.

More information about the devices approved under type approval and the grant application process can be found on our designated pages.

You can also contact the MMO at ivms@marinemanagement.org.uk for further support and guidance, where needed.

From: Marine Management Organisation Published 7 March 2022