Thursday, 2 December 2021

Irish fishing industry films


Other European nations have taken billions of euro worth of fish from Irish Waters since Ireland signed up to the Common Fisheries Policy. Yes, this fish is sustainably caught, but it is caught by European vessels, not Irish vessels, with the economic benefit going to our European neighbours rather than to Ireland. This Documentary lays bare the decades of exploitation of Irish fishing families by the Common Fisheries Policy. 

Ireland has been working behind the scenes to become a major Fish Processing nation. Is it really 'adios' to Ireland's catching sector? 

Since the Seafood Task Force Final Report was published last month I have been investigating the reasons behind the surprising budgetary allocations proposed by the Task Force; primarily the large figure earmarked for the Processing sector and the small figure set aside for a sizeable Decommissioning scheme. 

Over the last few weeks I ended up unfolding a web of intrigue that encompasses Vigo in northwestern Spain, Castletownbere, Sligo, Killybegs and Kilmore Quay. This train has already left the station, with full official backing to the very highest level in Ireland and Europe. 

If you are a fisherman, or are from a fishing family or community, make a cup of tea right now and sit down and watch every minute of this. I set out everything I discovered and I interview Brendan Byrne, CEO of the Irish Fish Processors and Exporters Association. Sean Moroney.

Films courtesy of The Fishers Voice.