Wednesday, 15 December 2021

September1930 - 'Thoniers dans la tempête'.

Almost 300 sailing tuna vessels are fishing in the Celtic Sea off the coast of Ireland.

September 17, late afternoon ...

The wind is getting stronger.

Sailors are starting to worry ...

Days and nights in hell begin ...

Unheard-of winds and huge waves will overwhelm the tuna boats!

This film was produced by Alain Pichon (University of Évry Paris Saclay) and many partners to commemorate the storm of September 17 to 20, 1930, which caused the loss of 27 dundées (working sailing boats engaged in fishing tuna) and the deaths of 207 sailors caught in the turmoil off Ireland.

It is the result of collaboration between university research, museums, history associations, municipalities, heritage services.

La Rochelle, Les Sables-d'Olonne, Ile d'Yeu, Etel, Plouhinec, Port-Louis, Groix, Concarneau, Douarnenez, all the territories have mobilized to commemorate the tragedy and pay tribute to the missing sailors.

Archivist, amateur and experienced historians, engineers and academics, sailors, painters, illustrators, musicians pooled their resources and talents to make a film about the event.