Sunday, 12 December 2021

Fishing for Solutions – the Climate Catastrophe: The Time for Action is Now


This powerful documentary explores the stark reality of the impact of climate change on the fishing industry, and the previously under-recognized role of sustainable seafood in climate policy. 

The Cornish sardine fishery featured in an @MSCecolabel film about ClimateChange. It says that #fishermen are in a unique position to collect data & support scientists in their research, helping to mitigate the effects of rising sea temps.

With first-hand accounts of marine heatwaves, shifting fish stocks and the impact of climate change on fishers across the globe, the film contains a powerful rallying call to policy makers to tackle the causes of climate change, and agree adaptive, resilient solutions in the face of profound climate driven shifts in ocean ecosystems.

“Fishing for solutions – the climate catastrophe: the time for action is now”, is a Farelight Productions creation, commissioned by the Marine Stewardship Council - the not-for-profit responsible for the world’s largest sustainable seafood certification programme.