Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Women in Fisheries.


This research project focused on understanding women’s roles, identities, and wellbeing in fishing families in the UK and Newfoundland, Canada.

We've listened

Through a series of interviews we've gained an insight into women's 'invisible' roles. To ensure we left no stone unturned, we spoke with women from a range of backgrounds across the fishing community. We conducted a series of confidential interviews and have published some of our early findings in a new policy briefing.

This kind of study is known as qualitative research. Our participants are the experts and we collected our data by listening to their experiences.

The broad mix of information we’ve gathered is helping us to search for patterns and recurring themes. By doing this, we’re hoping to spot problems that are common to certain groups, and make suggestions to solve them.

Women in Fisheries | Our Stories from Women in Fisheries on Vimeo.