Tuesday, 27 July 2021

So, how does a lobster grow?!

Lobsters, given that they can live for well over 50 years continually get bigger as they grow older. But, given that they have rock-hard shells on the outside, how is that possible even possible?

Padstow shellfisherman, Johnny Murt explains all: 

"This got me excited today! A very recent lobster moult (known as ecdysis) came up in one of my pots close to Boscastle. It’s obvious the moult was recent as it hadn’t eaten it’s old shell yet and there was another lobster in the pot, no doubt waiting to eat the soft lobster. You can see the old shell where the seam has split and the soft lobster wiggles free. The old shell carapace length was approx 93 mm, the new shell, although still soft was approx 115 (so will likely be larger) - approx 24% increase in size from one moult. 

Awesome animal!"