Friday, 19 March 2021

Nominations open for Fishing News Awards.


The Fishing News Awards 2021 Fishing News is proud to present the Fishing News Awards 2021, which shines a spotlight on the achievements, innovations, and successes of the commercial fishing industries of the UK and Ireland in 2020.

Since last March, everyone associated with the fishing industry has faced many challenges in trying to keep their family-based businesses afloat. Major those these were, they fade into insignificance when compared to the tragic loss of loved ones that many have suffered over the past year and our sincere condolences go out to everyone who has lost family members and friends.

Some welcome signs of recovery within the industry are now appearing, including the proposed reopening of restaurants which should have a positive impact on fish prices. Conscious of the importance of giving the industry some respite from continuing challenges, and wanting to celebrate the many and varied achievements of fishermen throughout the UK and Ireland, Fishing News is proud to launch the 2021 awards. Continuing with 2020’s format, Fishing News Awards 2021 will be virtual event, taking place at 7pm on 17 June 2021.

On that date, simply make your way back here for our announcement video or connect with us on Twitter or Facebook on the day to find out the winners – and don’t forget to dress up! Just because we’re virtual this year that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the winners with style.

The Fishing News Awards recognises the collective achievement of the industry, the strength of which is much greater than its individual parts, so it’s important that the efforts of fishermen, boat builders, port staff, processors, seafood retailers, product manufacturers and service companies are all celebrated.

Nominations for Fishing News Awards 2021 are now open, click here to register your nomination. This year’s 16 categories for Fishing News Awards 2021 can be found below and we’re delighted to bring voters two new categories: U10 Fisherman of The Year recognising the achievements of those working on under 10 metre boats and Product of the Year to recognise innovative and exciting new products being used in the industry.

Use the menu below to see each category in the Fishing News Awards 2021