Thursday, 7 January 2021

If, it was all about 'Sovereignty', what happened?

This extract from a ByLine Times piece by Jonathan Lis 5 January 2021:

Yesterday, CFPO CEO Paul Trebilcock featured on @BBCCornwall about the disappointment Cornish fishermen feel about the 'FishingDeal'. The programme Afternoons on BBC Radio Cornwall also talks to Falmouth MP Cherlilyn Mackrory whose husband is a fisherman. Later this week the show is due to talk with another champion of Brexit, South East Cornwall MP Sheryl Murray - an ardent Brexit supporter who promised Cornish fishermen in the last General Election that Brexit meant we would 'take back control' - and now, like every other Cornish Conservative politician are now faced with having to explain exactly what that means.

“What was delivered is a massive disappointment.. politicians tried to dress that up as a good deal for fishing.” Paul Trebilcock CFPO CEO.

Listen here:

The CFPO represents over 150 Cornish fishing vessels.