Wednesday, 2 December 2020

Listen to the key features of the new Fisheries Act with Victoria Prentis MP and Anne Freeman, Deputy Defra Direcor.


The great team at Fathom podcasts end the year on their 30th (but, hopefully not final) episode, and it's a landmark moment that no doubt will go down in history: the UK Fisheries Bill has passed through parliament and received royal assent, becoming the UK Fisheries Act.

The Act will provide the legislative framework for future fisheries management in the UK, replacing the Common Fisheries Policy as we depart from the EU. It’s 133 pages long, and not that easy to read... the good news is, they’ve read it all - so you don’t have to!

In this unmissable episode, we talk to Fisheries Minister Victoria Prentis MP, and Defra Deputy Director Anne Freeman, to break down what the Act really means for the industry. You might be curious about why the phrase ‘framework Act’ is continually bashed about - we’ll explore what this means, along with how the key tagline of ‘taking back control of our waters’ will be achieved. 

We also ask our guests about the huge sticking point of sustainability, unearthing where the objective of sustainable fishing sits in the Act, as well as exploring the climate change, ecosystem and bycatch objectives. 

Tune in to learn about so much more: localised fisheries management plans, quotas, foreign vessel access. The changes embedded in the Act will be felt on water, so it really is one to get your head around.

Podcast hosts:

Paul Trebilcock Katrina Ryan

Podcast guests:

Victoria Prentis MP, Fisheries Minister Anne Freeman, Defra Deputy Director

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