Wednesday, 16 December 2020

2021 starts without a fixed mackerel quota

Two rounds of coastal state negotiations on the mackerel distribution have not been successful. Thus, 2021 opens without a fixed, but a temporary Norwegian mackerel quota. 

The distribution of mackerel between the coastal states for next year seems to be extra demanding due to Brexit.

First, the United Kingdom and the EU will agree on a distribution, then coastal state agreements will be entered into with Greenland, Iceland, Russia and the United Kingdom.

The United Kingdom will be a new negotiating partner in these negotiations. Norway aims to keep its shares of the total quota and bring about bilateral agreements with the EU and the United Kingdom that reflect the current negotiating key where the EU is included as a negotiating partner, not the United Kingdom.

A preliminary quota

It is in these waters that all coastal states are negotiating a total coastal state agreement with all coastal states involved, something few believe is possible to achieve for 2021, as it has not been possible to achieve for a decade now.

Coastal state negotiations are scheduled to continue at the beginning of the new year. The Directorate of Fisheries nevertheless proposes that a preliminary mackerel quota be set that can open up for a Norwegian mackerel fishery from the new year, in line with a proposal from the Norwegian Fishermen's Association.

Without a final coastal state agreement or distribution of mackerel between the coastal states, the director of fisheries in the consultation document on the regulation of mackerel uses the same quota next year, as this year, 231,800 tonnes.

With this as a background, a fictitious Norwegian quota of 100,000 tonnes is assumed, which will be distributed from an early utilisation of the mackerel resource from January 2021. 

The Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries has a preliminary mackerel quota of 100,000 tonnes, which could open up for a Norwegian mackerel fishery from the new year. The distribution is shown in the table. 

Photo: Screenshot from the Directorate of Fisheries' regulatory proposal In usual tracks The distribution of the Norwegian total quota of mackerel follows in the usual way that quotas are first set for teaching, research, apprentice quotas and bait quotas. Provisions are described as a very small proportion of the total quota. 955 tonnes are set aside for research and teaching purposes following a proposal from the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The director of fisheries assumes a provision for bait quota of 1300 tonnes.

The recruitment quota shall be taken from the total mackerel quota. Until 21 October this year, mackerel has been fished with 11 recruitment quotas. The Director of Fisheries has set aside 647 tonnes for distribution to vessel groups.

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