Tuesday, 8 September 2020

Doing what it takes to put MSC Certified Cornish hake on the table.


Do you know what it takes to sustainably fish for hake? Watch hake fisherman, Ryan Davey, and his crew of seven battle the elements for a week at sea as they search for hake 100 miles off the Cornish coast.

Ryan is part of the MSC certified sustainable Cornish hake fishery. This means they have proven they don’t overfish the hake stock, they don’t cause unnecessary damage to the environment and the fishery is well-managed.

MSC is on a mission to end overfishing and MSC certified fisheries, like this one, help achieve this mission. You can do your part by choosing seafood with the blue MSC label.

Fifteen Cornish hake netters work all year round to supply what is now largely a UK market (90% of hake used to be exported to Spain) with a truly versatile fish that is at least equal to or even better in many ways than cod or haddock. Chefs like Nathan Outlaw, Tom Brown and John Fell are true exponents of the art of hake cuisine!

If your local fish and chip shop doesn't serve hake - ask them to get some and give it a go!