Thursday, 16 July 2020

Mike Warner - Big on fish!

Mike Gardner who runs the Bg Feed HQ, a podcaster passionate about food and the outdoor experience talks to Mike Warner, the driving force behind Passion for Seafood - a website dedicated to the best in British fish and fishing. 

Despite being based in Felixstowe, Suffolk long-time Newlyn fan Mike Warner,  has recently been added to the board of Newlyn Pier and Harbour Commissioners bringing his wealth of seafood trade knowledge and seafood writing to the proceedings.

This podcast discussion explores a wide range of fish and fishing related subjects - such is the extent to which seafood is interrelated to so many areas of our lives.

Mike is a freelance writer and industry expert on commercial fishing. He is a self-confessed seafoodaholic, with a deep-seated passion for the life of the shallow seas around our coast. 

We dig into:

  • Connecting the fisherman to the consumer by storytelling
  • Explaining the Great British Seafood Paradox 
  • Reporting from the coalface of the industry
  • Full market tour and boarding a vessel with professional chefs 
  • Regional sustainability
  • Net to plate
  • Health benefits of oily fish and shellfish
  • Mikes brilliant Fishmongers
  • The Cream, online food publication

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