Sunday, 17 May 2020

New Dutch fly-shooter to replace pulse beam-trawler.

STELLENDAM - Sjaak Brinkman expanded his fishing business from one to two cutters last spring. In addition to the boxer SL 42, he now also has the fly-shooter SL 45 in service. The complete crew of the SL 42 with the skippers Jaap Sperling and Piet Tanis has boarded the SL 45 this month.

Photo: Ronnie Hameeteman
Photo: Ronnie Hameeteman
“During the anti-pulse lobby, we took over the channel license from IJM 8 through sales broker Cees de Jong, so that we could change the course if necessary. At the end of last year, De Jong's question passed by whether we wanted to leave that permit on the shelf for longer, or whether we were interested in buying the UK 151. That is how we got into a conversation with Quotter and made the decision. It allegedly comes your way. For us it is a whole new step with fly-shoot fishing. Also for the crew. In the coming months, there is still a lot of trying to get everything under control, hopefully we can come along in the new Channel season after the summer,'' says Brinkman.
On Monday 4 May, the SL 45 Stellar from the first trip in Scheveningen was on the market. Last Thursday, the flyshooter entered Ostend again due to winch problems.

VesselTracker AIS of SL45 Stellar's first shakedown trips.
Robbie van Belzen has been sailing on the beam trawler SL 42 since the beginning of this year, who brought his own crew. Since the pulse permit was withdrawn last year, fishing has mainly taken place in the north. Two of the eight crew members are at home every week.

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