Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Fishermen can help find out what is happening with Catch APP by completing this survey.

Typical UK Under10m fishing vessel

Seems to be a queue of people and organisations who think that they know how the Catch APP is working for those affected. This new survey looks to get into the detail a bit and will sent to all those who take part and published on line. Please take 5 mins and have your voice heard. Posted on behalf of Jerry Percy - Under10m sector representative:

Please use this link to complete the survey - you can familiarise yourself with the questions below 

1. What are you contact details?

Home Port

2. Have you downloaded Catch APP?

Yes, and I have tried to use it.

Yes, but I haven't used it yet.

No, but the MMO have told me I have to.

3. Why are you using Catch App?

Because I think it will provide good fisheries data which will lead to better management

I am afraid of prosecution by the MMO if I don't

Other (please specify)

4. How much time does it take you on average to complete the Catch APP prior to landing.

Less than 15 minutes

15-30 mins

30 mins - 1hr

Over an hour

Other (please specify)

5. Which of the following are problems you have encountered while using catch app? 

Please tick ALL that apply to you.

I have encountered no problems, its fine.

I am not able to accurately (nor within 10% required) guess the weights correctly

It does not list my port

There is no, or little phone signal in my port and so I cannot submit before landing.

Difficult with cold, wet hands in dark to fill in and suspect hit the wrong buttons sometimes.

My harbour has limited landing facilities. Sitting in the landing bay while I am complete the APP gets other fishermen annoyed as they have to wait.

I don't have scales on board, so have to guess weights.

My free deck space is not big enough to lay out all the boxes and guess weights before landing without having to stack unsafely and effect stability of my vessel.

I have dropped my phone while trying to do this.

I have dropped and broken my phone while trying to do this.

My mental health is suffering as a result of the stress felt to comply with something, it is impossible to comply with.

6. Have you been to an MMO drop in event on Catch App, if so did you find it helpful?

Yes. I went to a drop in and all my questions were answered.

Yes. I went to a drop in event and some of my questions were answered.

No. I went to a drop in event and my questions were not answered.

Other (please specify)

7. Have you fed back your concerns and problems with the Catch APP? Please tick ALL boxes that apply to you.

No. I think the APP is fine and the system works well.

Yes, I raised issue at MMO drop in event.

Yes, I raised issues with local MMO officers.

Yes, I raised issues via a call to MMO HQ.

Yes, I have raised issues with my local MP.

Yes, I have raised issues with DEFRA.

8. Who pays you for your catch?

I land all my catch to an auction house.

I land some of my catch to an auction house and some to a merchant / company.

I land all my catch directly to a merchant/company.

9. What type of fishing activity do you conduct? Please tick ALL that apply to you.




Scallop dredging


Rod and line

Scallop diving

10. How many different species do you catch on average?

Less than 5



More than 20

11. How many days at sea a year do you fish on average?

Less than 50



More than 150

12. Do you think Government should scrap TheApp and work with industry to find a better solution to get accurate fisheries data for the under 10 fleet?



13. Would you like to add any comments of experiences of Catch APP and MMO engagement?

14. Are you a member of any of the following? Please tick ALL that apply to you.


Coastal PO

Another producer organisation


A local fishermen's association.