Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Groupement les Mousquetaires is closely following the negotiations on fishing in British waters

Yet more evidence in the French media as to the potential impact Brexit negotiations will have on their industry:

Given that around 70% of the Scapêche catches are made in British waters, the sea sector of the Groupement les Mousquetaires is closely following the negotiations on fishing with the United Kingdom. What activities will be affected by the next decisions?

Focus on the activities of the sea sector:

According to Sylvain Pruvost, President of Scapêche, the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will certainly influence the sea sector of the Musketeers. This is why the industry has been on the alert since the end of January regarding the decisions that will be taken in the context of Brexit.

La Scapêche represents the first fresh fishing owner in France with 16,000 tonnes of fish per year. La Scapêche has 23 ships, 250 sailors and officers, and 50 employees ashore.

Image result for newlyn gaps alya
Scapeche artisanal trawler Alya, visiting Newlyn 

Co-owner of 7 artisanal trawlers, it participates in the presence of the French flag on French and European waters. Thanks to it, Agromousquetaires has a direct supply of marine products.

As for Captain Houat's teams, representing 650 people (Boulogne-sur-Mer and Lanester), they prepare and process 22,000 tonnes of fresh fish, shrimp, shellfish and crustaceans each year.

The two Captain Cook units (Finistère) will be less directly influenced by Brexit.

Thanks to the distribution bases (Lorient, Boulogne-sur-Mer, Bordeaux-Bègles and Frontignan), fish and seafood products are displayed in the tide departments of 1,800 Intermarché stores and 300 Netto France. These bases ensure the control, management, traceability and delivery of approximately 36,500 tonnes per year of marine products.