Friday, 17 January 2020

£1.8 million pound catch reporting fishing app and its budget rival!

Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs written question – answered on 7th January 2020

Plymouth MP Luke Pollard asked Camborne and Redruth MP, George Eustace in a written question how much the Under10m catch reporting app had cost the Department.

He replied that £1.8 million was the eye-watering amount!

Just up the road in St Austell and Newquay and the next constituency to George Eustace, Graham Murt brother of a Newquay fisherman developed a very similar app so that fishermen could report their shellfish catches to the MMO. There's a fair chance that neither the fishermen nor his brother had anything like £1.8 million to spend on developing their app - more like £80!

Information about the new million pound-plus app from the MMO is here:

Alternatively, you can investigate this free catch recording app from Newquay here:

We live in a strange world at times.