Sunday, 3 November 2019

Safe evacuation of a fisherman from Guilvinec, at sea, 250 km from the coast.

The weather may well have played a role in the evacuation of a crew member from the French fishing vessel Alya that is currently fishing on the edge of the Continental Shelf west of Brittany.

The sailor from Guilvinec is now in hospital at the Cavale-Blanche in Brest (Finistère). He was  at sea, this Sunday, November 3, 2019 late morning, 250 km off the tip of Brittany.
A doctor at the centre of medical consultation maritime, based in Toulouse, warned the Cross Corsen (in the north-west of Brest) of the necessity to evacuate the sailor.

The man is part of the crew of five sailors aboard the Alya, a trawler 25 m of the company Scapêche, which belongs to the group of Musketeers.

He seems to be suffering from internal bleeding. His boat is more than 140 nautical miles (about 250 kilometers) west of the tip of Brittany. This forced the authorities to send the NH90 helicopter from the Lanvéoc base for evacuation and a small Faclon 50 aircraft (based at Lann Bihoué) to ensure inter alia communication between all parties involved. the sea is very difficult: the wind blows at 7 Beaufort (between 50 and 60 km / h), there is a heavy sea and the cloud ceiling is low with heavy rain.

The rescuers airlifted the patient aboard the helicopter at 11 h 08. He is  now being taken care of by staff at the Hospital of La Cavale-Blanche.

Story courtesy of L'Ouest France and the photo Maritime National