Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Parliament resumes - Gove answers St Ives MP Derek Thomas' question on fishing.

Transcript of the exchange between Gove and Derek Thomas.

Derek Thomas: “Secretary of State…referred in his statement to measures to ensure that fish caught today along the coast of Cornwall would be sold the following day in the EU.. This is a welcome statement and will reassure fishermen in Newlyn…but already it’s uncertainty that’s causing a problem and lack of investment thats not taking place, also concerns over ownership of quota. Can Secretary of State say anything at all to reassure fishermen that we can get on with this and where their future lies?”

Gove's response “…it is the case that we anticipate that we will be able to negotiate as an independent coastal state in the event of a No Deal exit in December 2019 at the Fisheries Council but its also the case that if we do leave with out a deal on October the 31st that the current level of access to particular stocks should be maintained in a continuity agreement.”

In his earlier statement that Thomas was referring to Gove said "traders will require Export Health Certificates for food and Catch Certificates for fish, hundreds of vets have now been trained to issue these certificates and certified personnel to support them all he said was that they had trained to issue these certificates and the French have taken steps to ensure the smooth flow of critical produce, they have specifically created a new BIP at Boulogne-sur-Mere to ensure fish and shellfish products caught in the UK today can be sold in the EU tomorrow."